Butterfly Gardens – the tropics in Victoria

Butterfly Gardens gives a wonderful sense of the tropics even if it should be cloudy on a typical Victoria day here on Vancouver Island. Close your eyes and imagine …

You open the doors and are immediately struck by the humid tropical heat and by the wonderful smells of jungle plants. Then a butterfly flutters before your eyes and in the distance you hear birds calling. This is Butterfly Gardens.

This delightful place is close to the Butchart Gardens and Church and State Winery on the Saanich Peninsula just north of Victoria. So consider them all as a wonderful days package on your visit to Victoria.

Butterfly Gardens in VictoriaTropical plants like banana plants, vines, palms and over 200 species of orchids provide the lush setting in which you will see 3,00o butterflies from 75 species. There are many moths – look out for the Atlas Moth, the largest in the world and read about its fascinating life cycle. See charming birds including parrots, flamingoes and ducks swimming in the stream and pond, frogs and tortoises.

Click to see Victoria Butterfly Gardens on YouTube. Better still, pay the Gardens a visit. Your bed and breakfast hosts will be pleased to tell you more.

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